Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Felix the Cat was created in the 1919

Felix the Cat was created in the 1919 and was a star of silent films and the world's most popular cartoon character until losing that title to rival Mickey Mouse who came about ten years after Felix was created. He came out of the studios of Pat Sullivan, but who his actual creator(s) are/were are still in dispute, but probably Otto Messmer. He first appeared in his own comic strip in 1923 due to fan popularity. Ever since the 1920's many Felix the Cat merchandises have been made including a famous clock of him. Felix cartoons began airing in 1953 til 1958 and another cartoon of Felix aired in 1991. According to Felix's creator Otto on his blog he states in 2011 Cartoon Network will be airing a brand new series of Felix called 'The Felix The Cat Show'. Online there's a French article of this floating around that shows a CGI picture of the show. Felix has an innate ability to get out of any jams he happens to find himself in along with his magical bag of tricks.

Ever since Felix has been created he took a global domination due to his popularity and uniqueness. In 1921 a local Chevrolet car dealer place used a neon sign of Felix for decoration. In the late 1920's til 1948 Felix was the mascot on the the U.S. Navy's Bombing Squadron Two patch. Sega's well known character Sonic the Hedgehog was somewhat based on Felix with his look